Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Light Painting

Hey hey.
It's still Ramadan guys.

Okay let me tell you people something.
This Ramadan, well it's different than all the other Ramadhans I've had before.

Sahur as a kid:
Mom or dad will wake me up for sahur. I'll just go downstairs and eat. And then go back to sleep.
Berbuka as a kid:
I'll berbuka with family. Sometimes eat out or with relatives. Most times home-cooked meals.

Sahur as an MRSM student:
Wake up with my friends and we go to the MRSM's Teres (Dewan Makan) to eat. Then we solat subuh, then we go back to sleep.
Berbuka as an MRSM student:
Berbuka with homeroom students at the Teres.

Sahur after school:
Mom will wake me up early. I'll cook sahur with my her. I'll wake the rest of my family up. I'll eat. Then clean. Then solat. Then continue cleaning the house.
Berbuka after school:
Help mom cook. Have berbuka with family.

Sahur now:
I'll stay up alone. Cook sahur alone. Have sahur alone.
Berbuka now:
Cook alone. Eat alone.

So do you see a sudden change in this pattern right here?
Like, just suddenly something I do with family and friends, I end up doing all alone.
Let me just say that it's pretty sad having sahur in the quiet. or berbuka all alone.

So why am I all alone again?
You see, I have a roomate. But she, like me, is always busy.
I am busy with work but she, a PhD student, is even more busy with her studies.
So she is rarely at home. and when she is, she needs to rest.
And my friends? They are either in Malaysia or a 20min drive away from my house.

Soooo..... what I do on weekends is.. I sleepover at my friends' house who lives 20mins away.
In fact, we don't even sleep actually. And every one of us stay there just to make sure all of us are awake and eating during sahur.

So there is a waiting gap between iftar and sahur right?
To make sure we don't fall asleep or anything, we entertain ourselves.
Uno, Snap, Spoons, Signal, Watch a movie on the projector, and light painting.
Light Painting?

Yes, Light Painting.

So I have this friend who knows how to put the settings right on the DSLR to take pictures like these.
I really have no idea how he does it.
But the pictures turned out awesome. 
But the thing is, when you take pictures like these, the pictures come out inverted.
I am too lazy to edit pictures, to uninvert them, which is putting them on the right angle.
So I'll just upload them here, dalam keadaan inverted.

This was supposed to say Raahim. (inverted of course)

This is supposed to  say Syireen with wings on the sides.

This one says 'Moon'. 

This one says Amira

And that night we found some pretty cool fire crackers in my friends' house.
So we ended up lighting a whole lot of them up. at 2am. 
We probably drove the neighbors crazy. But oh well!

Here are some pictures of it. 

So this is how I spend my weekends. 
I have iftars and sahur with friends like these. 
I'm really glad that after a week of eating sahur and ifatr all alone, I get to eat with awesome people like these and spend time with them too.

And oh!
I have put something I recorded on camera that night on keek.
It's right here if you guys wanna watch it.
It's pretty dark so you guys won't see anything.
But I'm sure you guys can listen to what's happening.


Assalamualaikum and salam Ramadhan.
Alhamdulilah, we meet again,  Ramadhan.

Happy fasting to the muslims yang berpuasa.

So I am here in the US in the summer while most Malaysians in MSU are back in Malaysia.
Lain lah jugak nak spend Ramadhan dekat sini kalau nak banding dengan Ramadhan dekat Malaysia or in Turkey, even.
Some ask me, How is Ramadhan there in US? How long do you have to fast? etc etc

So sunrise/fajr/subuh is at 4.30am and maghrib/iftar/berbuka is around 9.20pm.
So that's around 17 hours. Maybe you guys rasa macam lama je nak puasa 17 jam sehari. Memang lah lagi lama but it's not that bad really.
And people say that summer this year is cooler than last year so Alhamdulilah for that.
Because panas summer dekat US and panas dekat Malaysia lain.
Panas US ni kering. So you really feel it in your throat, your skin and everywhere.

And in the US, most people here (people of other religions) don't even know that we fast for a month every year.
So when I tell people, I have to explain it to them.
But usually I'd just rather not tell them sebab malas and bukan senang nak explain dekat diorang.
So yeah, I still work in the cafeteria serving food during Ramadhan.
And I cycle all the way to work in the hot sun.

And if you want to know, I changed my whole sleeping pattern especially for Ramadhan.
This would be the normal, healthy slepping pattern: 
 Bangun subuh and tak tidur lepas solat subuh. And tidur pukul 10 or pukul 11 malam. 
 This is my sleeping pattern for Ramadhan:
Stay up sampai sahur and then solat subuh. When I'm done with sahur and subuh (which is around 4.45am) I'd usually be too full to go to sleep so I usually go on the internet or study until 6am or 7am.
And then I'll wake up at 3pm. And then go to work. Please jangan ikut sleeping pattern ni sebab sangat tak sihat.

Tapi seriously guys, ini lah satu2 caranya untuk I tak terlepas sahur and subuh.
Sebab by the time habis berbuka+kemas+basuh pinggan dah 11.30pm.
And Isyak at the start of Ramadhan, comes in at 12 something.
And I have to be up at least at 3am to cook something for sahur, don't you agree?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Laser Tag + Mini Golf

Hey guys,
It's the weekend and we all wanted to do something before Ramadhan begins.
I know now is Ramadhan but this was quite a while ago.
I just update my blog a little late.

So anyways, we played Laser Tag at ZapZone.
So the place is like an arcade. That has laser tag, mini golf, and lots more.

We played two games of Laser Tag and a game of Mini Golf.
The laser tag place is big. 2 floors of laser tag space to run around in.
We were divided in different teams and we didn't get to play all together.
But yeah, what do you expect. There was 7 of us.
Well, I didn't take pictures because, you know I was too busy running around and shotting people and stuff.

And next, we played mini golf.
This would be my first time playing it. Mini golf that is.
The place was awesome.
They have UV light all over the place and they have different themes for different parrs or holes or some fancy golf name.
There was the egyptian theme, underwater theme, safari theme and dinosaur theme.

And it was fun because there were only us in the whole place. 
And then we were in the arcade. 
And well, my friend knew the guy who worked there and he got a whole bag of tokens. 
And he distributed them all to us. Awesome right? 

And well, we won a pink panther that is now in Mia/Azureen/Norlida's place. A chinese finger trap for Raahim. And 8 silly bands for me.